Connecting Hometheater processor to second 2channel ampfilier

I was reading a forum, and I'm not quite sure I understood correctly. The  problem is I'm unable to find a Hometheater Processor with a Pass through I can afford, in order to listen to 2 channel music. He had a 7channel processor connected to a 7 channel amplifier. He then  conneced a 2ch amp with balanced and unbalanced connections to the processor. He hooked cables to both connections and when he wanted to listen to 2ch music, he flipped the switch between balanced and unbalanced  in back of the 2ch amp to listen to 2ch music. Is this possible or am I still misunderstanding.
You might be able to switch between balanced and unbalanced outputs if only one set is active when switched, but a better way might be to connect the front LR from the processor to the stereo amp that drives the front LR speakers.  In my setup, front LR from the processor is passed through the preamp used for stereo to access a pair of monoblocks that drive the mains.


Thank you dbphd for your pesponse, can you suggest a processor under 2K that has by pass. The problem is I haven't been able to find one in my price range.  I know I need a 2CH amp for LR main speakers however it sounded like what he did was to connect balanced and unbalanced cables to the back of the 2CH amp. When he listen to 2CH music he flipped the switch between Balanced and Unbalanced. Unbalanced  for home theather  then flipped to Balanced  while listening to 2CH music, never disconnecting the LR main speakers. Please  continue to help me with this understanding. Don't forget the recommendation for the processor under 2K, with by pass, Thanks in advance.