Connecting my TV to my soundbar

Hello amazing Audiogon community,

I checked on the forum but could not find a precise answer. If it has already been covered, sorry for the trouble in advance. 

My soundbar:  LG Sound Bar SL4 
My TV:  Toshiba 40l3650 40" led tv
You can see a picture all the plugs of the TV with this link and on this link also.

My soundbar only works with an optical audio cable. My TV has no "Optical Out".

One more thing, I saw that maybe I could get a cable "Optical In" to "HDMI". However, it will not be suitable as all HDMI plugs are already used on my TV (the 2 of them).

How can I connect them and keep a "good" sound?

Here is the link of an adapter I have found for "Optical in" to "Coaxial out". Is that a good solution,?

Thank you so much!
The link for the adapter doesn’t work, but you have  2 primary options: 1 is to buy a digital coaxial in to digital optical out adapter. 2 is to get a sound bar that has coaxial input.
Okay I see, thank you!

Thats what I thought when looking up for options before posting.

Then I will look for a "digital coaxial in" to "digital opitcal out" adapter.

In your opinion, is that a good solution? The sound can still be of good quality with such adapter?