Connecting turntable, amp, sub, streamer

I’m trying to setup my new system and wonder if I’m just an idiot or am one piece of equipment short. 

Turntable - Rega P3

Streamer - Bluesound Node

Integrated Amp/DAC - Peachtree Nova 300

Stereo Speakers - KEF LS50 meta

Wireless/Bluetooth speakers - Edifier S3000 Pro

Subwoofer - KEF KC62


So, I’d like to hookup my turntable such that it can play through either my wireless speakers(kitchen/living room), my stereo speakers (dedicated music listening room), or better yet, both (entertaining, parties)


I’d also like to be able to stream music in the same fashion - to either the stereo, Bluetooth, or both. 


How do I get the most out of my system doing this? I don’t think I have enough outputs to get the turntable into the nova300 into the Bluesound and out to the Edifiers while also having my subwoofer hooked into the pre-out of the Nova 300. Any creative solutions?


Let’s start with the streamer and the turntable. The turntable goes into the frat right inputs on the back… under phono. The Bluesound Node analog outputs get connected to the Peachtree Aux input 1. So this allows you to listen to your wired speakers with either the turntable or streamer.


‘’Now the Bluetooth speakers will only work with streaming… not the turntable.


I would think this is OK… some you will have access to nearly all music through the streamer… and the blue tooth speakers are not going to sound very good compared to you wired ones. 

So, if you want to sit down and really enjoy music… with your wired speakers you are set… TT or streaming.