Connex Audio Cables

Anybody can give any input about this silver cores cables?

I have the classical Cello Strings 1 in my system and last week one friend came home with a xlr pair. I listened them around an hour and liked me a lot, specially they improve the sound with airy, liquid, and open highs, soft mids and not as deep but enough bass extension. I also like their black background scene.

I would like to talk about them because they seam cheap to me, very good cost/quality ratio.

Kindest regards
if you are interested in great sounding inexpensive silver cables, try Clear Day....sold on Audiogon, they are simply terrific.
I've used Connex balanced silver/teflon bulk interconnect cable in a couple of modified components and like it very much. AFAIK this is a Parts ConneXion house brand made by DH Labs.
I will second Dgarrtetson, as I have a set that I made with excellent Furutech connectors and the sound is very good. I have tried a variety of silver cables and if I were still using silver, those would probably be it. As you said in your post,
very good cost/quality ratio
Larryken, I was talking about interconnect cables, not speakers cables

Anybody can recommend me a good silver core interconnect cables?

Thanks all
Try the MAC Silver Ultra +. There listed almost daily on the Audiogon auctions.
IMHO better than the Valhalla or Synergistic Research Apex cables, which were my ref cables for a long time.