Conrad Johnson 150 integrated

Happy New Year!
any of you guys using this integrated amp in your system?
Impressions? Thoughts? The base unit can be upgraded to "SE" status.
Had one but not for too long, incredible value for money (ARC countered with its CA50 based on 6922/6550 but had to withdraw from the market only after one year), typical CJ sound but for my application lacked the power and dynamics I was looking for. The preamp stage of the CAV50 is derived from the PV10 and has a low input sensitivity, IOW some room for improvement. One based on the PV12 would have been much better but I understand CJ would not cannibalise their higher end models.

IMO, unless you are pure analogue, you don't need a preamp with modern DACs.  The LP70s is a much better (power) amp which includes better components (Teflon caps, Vishay resistors).

As much as I like the older tube CJ series, the modern models still have the magic of "It sounds right" but with more precision.
I think jafant is referring to the new CA150 integrated CJ amps.

I'm sure they are wonderful, what's the rest of the system? Speakers? Etc.
yes, joeinid-

the new integrated amp offered by Conrad Johnson. I have spent much time w/ the CJ separates and they never disappoint!
If there is one thing to learn about C-J gear, always opt for the upgrade or SE version. Audience cables/cords are a sweet match as well.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!