Considering stepping into streaming absolute newbie to it .

   I must confess my totals ignorance to streaming ( tidal ?),so please excuse my somewhat simple question.
I have a Mac,an iPad etc but hear a lot of chatter in my short research of the Blue Note.
I have a BelCanto dac I use to run my cd transport .
   I have been into the audio world for 35yrs but this is another world for me ,I  love spinning lps on my turntable, but the access to music is undeniable . I would expect to have a budget of 2k to accomplish this ,used equipment from the gon would be fine also 
Thank you 
I have converted to streaming solely as my music source. I like the feeling of going to the music store and taking home whatever I want. The convenience and sound quality are tops for me. I'm using a one box DAC Streamer into an integrated amp. Very simple setup that works for me. Now you'll have an alternative source to your analogue. I'd love to hear back from you six months after you've been streaming and find out what proportion of analogue v digital you listen to regularly. Have Fun!
First steps into streaming its hard not to recommend the Blue sound products either the Node or vault ( vault if you want to put your CD's on it as well). They have excellent software that's easy to use ( Blue OS is quite nice). Node2i i believe is around $500 so an easy step into streaming. Vault is around $1200 and has the ability to store your CD collection as well. 

Aurender is another company, this is moving up the audiophile chain, but much more money. 
Auralic Aries is another again more money. 

All these examples are simple add internet connection and output to your DAC, they also have good DAC's built in so may not need the DAC. 

For simple and cost effective the blue sound products get great reviews and your not investing thousands before you try. they hold there value well so if you feel like upgrading there is a resale market avail. 
OLESCHOOL, I would keep the Bel Canto DAC and add a streamer that has no dac, of course connection will be key. Does the Bel Canto have a USB AUDIO 2.0 Input? Its not mandatory, you can use RCA digital as well. The Aurender X100L ($2500 range) is one of the finest sources for digital streaming, not only for its awesome sound but ease of use as well, with the Conductor app for your i pad :-) ALSO, the N100 series of streamers are excellent as well with less storage and the same great Conductor app. If your DAC is to old and does not have the USB audio inputs I would suggest getting rid of it and if you dont want to spend $8000 on a Aurender complete DAC/streamer then I would highly recommend the Bluesound Node 2 $500.

Hey thanks for the input

I do appreciate the advice.I have a bel canto dac3. I do not believe it does .
Here is a review Mattmiller with pics and specs.

I am in a very unique situation ,I have had discussions here before about my ranch. I moved away from the hustle and bustle I lived in the music world 13 yrs ago .I moved from the east coast and moved onto a remote ranch deep in the Northern California mountains . I run solar, with big battery reserve and generator backup. 60Hz 120 pretty much perfect. That said my internet is satellite, it can be great and slow a minute later.My reason for mentioning this is I would like the ability to download something at various times and listen to it later. This is possible with say tidal correct?
Tuberist my friend here Eric says the same thing about the conversion.I am maybe a "dork" because I love the tactile experience of grabbing an lp or cd and playing it.But I do enjoy the massive library and the ease of access coupled with the sound
Questions ?

The iPad I have gathering dust can accomplish this along with the above recommended devices ? (Instead of tying up my MacBook in my audio room).
Is it possible to access the stream in my home theatre room?( Pionneer elite unit).

Thanks again

I truly appreciate the advice ,I’ve given enough over the years to ask when I have no idea .