Considering Upgrade to Shindo 753 Speakers, or ???

The Shindo 753 speakers intrigue me as a significant upgrade to my Aud 23 Solovox speakers. I would appreciate hearing back from any of you who own or have heard the 753's as to their musical merits, especially in comparison to the Solovox and/or the large Shindo Latours. My preamp is the Masseto and amplification is currently via Wavelength Cardinal mono blocks. I will eventually upgrade to Shindo amplification but first want to address the speaker upgrade issue. I listen primarily to vinyl and some digital.

I would also appreciate any thoughts or recommendations for speaker upgrade choices other than the Shindo 753's.

Many thanks in advance for all comments!

Best Regards,
Well, since I am not getting any replies to my question on this forum or on audioaficionado, I will change the question to approach an upgrade path in plan B mode. If I were to keep the Solovox speakers, what Shindo amplifier(s) would any of you care to recommend?
I wish I could answer these questions. I would be in rarified air for certain. Shindo, one of the great designs. All the best in your Audio pursuit.
Go to HIFI Haven and find a thread over there called:
"Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414"
700 plus posts talking about this very subject.

It will save you $28,000..