Speakers choice with Octave v80se

I am currently using Octave v80se which have KT150x4 with Super Black Box. (https://octave.de/en/htdocs/verstaerker/v80se.php) My listening area is 10ft x 18ft and  I would like to purchase new speaker. The below are my choices
1. Wilson Audio SabrinaX
2. Avalon PM1
3. Focal Sopra N2
4. Others
Any comments are appreciated
Might want to add Dynaudio to the list. From all accounts they are a very good pairing and Dynaudio distributes Octave in the US I believe. Heard the C60s with the Octave V110 SE I believe and it was very good. Dynaudio have a very different presentation than the Wilson or Focal so all depends on what you like.
Thanks for your comments and I had use Dynaudio C1s with Octave. It was superior sound. I like Jazz and pop with little classical music so I prefer speakers have those characters and  drive well with Ocatve v80se 🎶🎶
I have the same V80 se with a SBB.. it drives my Magico Q3s very well. They are 92db efficient and I have no trouble getting very nice room feeling volume output with the octave. 
Good luck, Jerry 
I have the V70SE with Tyler Acoustics MM5's and it sounds really good to me.
I would also add Duevel to the speaker mix. My Venus work great with the V70SE integrated. The Bella Luna would be quite wonderful as well.

Probably quite a few possibilities, it is more up to your ears and experiences/preferences.
I own the Octave V80se and the Sabrina’s and couldn’t be any happier. I did audition the Focal Sopra 2’s as well but I liked it with the Sabrina’s more. Not a fan of the Avalon’s. I like Dynaudio’s, I had a couple of models including the C1’s. The Octave sounds good with them but I find it too smooth and laid back. I much prefer solid state with Dynaudio’s. Moon works well.
I love Sabrina X and I finally gave up Octave although it is superior sound.  Recently I bought 211 tube amp to match Sabrina X and it goes perfect match and bass is more solid that brings more layers.  Unlike Octave v80se with KT150, 211 tube amp is more laid back and less punch that make me feel more comfortable and enjoy music especially listening jazz



Which amp did you end up with? Not clear on what the 211 tube is. Lampizator? I am about to upgrade into SabX and looking hard at the Octave V70 Class A or the 80 SE. As you know it's not an easy speaker to drive so I'd be interested to know what you are using to successfully drive yours. 



My 211 is customized made by local expertise in Hong Kong. If Octave is your prefer brand then I would like to have v70 class A for SabrinaX.  V80se is unlikely drive well specially for bass control