Converting from CAMAC/FISHER to XLR connectors

i recently purchased some Cello equipment which uses
camac/fisher connectors for the ic's between the pre-amp
and amp. The number of merchant's stocking ic's with
this type of connector is virtually non-existent. I have
two choices; 1) Buy XLR ic's and replace the connector
(does anyone know if this is a simple task, especially
with exoctic ic's such as Siltech?) or 2) Replace the
connectors on the amp and preamp and start using XLR's.
Mark Levinson/Cello was always adament about the superiourity of CAMAC/FISHER connectors, is this truth or
fiction and has anyone else tried this solution?
Hi there,Keep the Fischer/Lemos intact--get the male connectors from Michael Percy Audio( website PDF catalogue) and get a tech to rewire your IC's--ask him to save the old terminations and these can be reapplied when /if you sell either piece. Needless to say any adaptor is a certain degrader of the signal.
I've done them myself in the past and they are a bit fiddly,but if you are a good 'solderer' go ahead. The Cello method is White, Pin 1: Red Pin 2: Blue Pin 3.
If you wish to purchase the male connectors independentlythe code is:
W.W. FISCHER SA part #CH -1143/104A040-3--warning! slightly dangerous on the wallet!

Good listening,
Team212 gives good advice, because if you want to change to XLR on your amp, you would have to drill bigger holes for them, apart from un- and resoldering your connections. Adapters are expensive and especially if you have a high resolution system, they sometimes degrade the sound. Not always though, also here the proof lies in the listening. Camac/Fisher were certainly better than the common run RCA stuff, but good Neutric XLR is excellent soundwise as well.
Should you wish to do as Des suggests, see to it, that you get a really good technician, because soldering high end ICs can sometimes be a very tricky job. If you cannot find an expert, whom you trust, to do this for you, I'd rather suggest method one, doing the changes for XLR on amp and preamp. You'd have to do some drilling on the chassis, but the soldering is less tricky. If you have the top gold-silver Siltech IC, I would not touch them, but definitely do the change on the respective chassis. If your cable is less tricky, I'd do as Des suggests. Just my usual 2cents.
Rather than go to all these risky solutions which will affect resale value. I'd talk to Siltech. They will probably be willing to reterminate the cables for you. While this may mean some delay, it will be much safer and not damage the long-term value (who doesn't prefer a factory terminated IC).