Cool it!

Greetings to All,
How do you cool your hot amp?
Do you fan air in or away?
From the top or the bottom.
Is proper ventilation enough to keep the amp cool and healthy?
What is the science and your experiences behind this practice? 

Long Live HiFi!
Thank you
I just had an AC company run 2 more ductwork lines to my room. Its a nice 68 degrees now. I also use an Aircom fan on top. All this should increase longevity and maybe performance. I have a 600 watt amp and its a room heater.
👆 correct! That's my Ideal setting as well. My Amp is a heater so I just want it to be as comfy as I am so it can sing all summer night long!

Thanks for sharing and stay safe!
I live in Florida but really enjoy my Atma-sphere tube amps. So it's tubes in the winter months and class D in the summer months. 
I'm now in Austin, which gets very hot in the summer. My listening room upstairs is cooled by a separate HVAC system from the rest of the house, but it was still a tad warm in the summer when temps easily exceed 105F during the day and don't drop much at night. 
The upstairs HVAC system was checked "OK" by a tech as recently as a month ago and was fine. Then, a week or so ago, the compressor died. I replaced the entire outside unit with the more current model that uses a variable speed compressor- what a difference! Even though the old unit had checked "OK" it wasn't nearly as effective as a fresh unit. Dead quiet too.
I do use some of those AC Infinity units to cool a silencer box for the air compressor that is part of my tone arm set up. It has a temp probe and the fans kick on (intake and exhaust) at a chosen set point. Fairly inexpensive and seem to work fine after 3 years. I have the fans set to full speed and you can hear them in the room where the silencer box is located, but I suppose if they are set to a lower speed, they'd be quieter.
I'm running all tube gear in the main system, from phono stage through amps.
I have to house my amp in a cabinet. There is significant upper air space but limited on the sides. The back is fully open. I use a temp controlled Middle Atlantic Cab-Cool that is installed at the top of the enclosure extracting air from front to back. It is rarely on. Works great. It is nearly dead silent. Even looking at it it is difficult to tell if it on or not.