Correct way to us Shure VTF gauge?

Hey guys, I have one quick question for anyone using the Shure Gauge to set VTF. Should you make the arm bounce slighty after placing the stylus on the gauge. The reason I ask is because when I just gently place the arm on the gauge using the cueing lever it wll give me a reading of lets say 1.5g, then if I bounce the arm a little while it is resting on the gauge the reading will stop at aprox 2grams. Are you guys finding that you get a different reading when doing the two above mentioned methods, or are my RB300 bearings screwed? Is there something terribly wrong?

Thanks for your time,
Oh great Dave, I didn't have anything new to worry about this evening. So now I have to drag my sorry self and get the Sure out of the cabinet and test it. Ever think about say, flower arranging instead of audio? And besides its happy hour here in Utah now, so it will wait for the fresh light of dawn. I hope to heaven it just means you need a little cleaning because grunge is acting as a damper unless you do your pogo stick act.
Hi Dave,

Well, I don't want to alarm you since we audiophiles can get a little obsessive compulsive, etc., but I've been using a Shure VTF gauge quite a bit lately and it doesn't behave the way your setup is behaving. On mine, the results are very repeatable (for the same tests). I've been using it recently with a SME tonearm and not only does the gauge read the same every time, but the markings on the SME arm correspond almost exactly with the gauge. So, I guess it's possible your gauge is "gummed up" - one way to find out would be to get another gauge; if it reads different from the first one then you likely have a gauge problem; if it reads like the first one, then you might have an arm issue. Hope some of this helps.
Unfortunately I must concurr with Hi hifi. I got mine out and it reads just as above.
Aceto, which arm are you using? Your guys are telling me that once you lower the arm USING THE CUEING LEVER, take a reading.

Then, WHILE THE ARM IS STILL ON THE GAUGE, you dab your finger gently on the Gauge steel part end (to inflict a little Teeter-Totter action) you get the same reading as you did above?

Some folks on Vinylasylum are getting a slightly different reading (higher) after the teeter-totter stops and then the gauge settles.

Anyone Else?
You are a brave man to pose a question that could be interpreted as a less than favorable view of the SHure VTF on an analog forum.

Crusty old 30 year veterans of analog need nothing but their Shure VTF and the seat of their pants to do turntable setup.

Okay, my experience actually mirrors yours with the thing. 9 months ago I returned to vinyl when I bought a Nottingham Spacedeck with SpaceArm. Maybe I am inept with the tool, but I hate the darn thing. Can't wait to retire it.

I am reintroducing digital in my system. Its a Wally digital scale. (well actually a My Weigh digital scale with Wally mods) It arrived two days ago and will try it out Sunday. I'll keep the Shure handy just in case, but I aint gonna miss it.
Dr. Balance, I know what you're talking about, the gauge did the same thing to me. If you every so lightly place the cartridge down on the scale, sometimes it doesn't register. I take the reading after gently hitting the teeter totter...

Tedvan, I'm in the same boat, shoudl have a wally scale arriving shortly, and will hopefully confirm that the shure was OK, crossing my fingers...
Thanks guys for your post. I feel a bit better now that some of you are having the same problem (behaviour pattern).

DENNIS THE MENACE, just out of curiosity was your arm also the RB300?

Thanks again,
Dr Balance, I now need to do another set of trials. I knew Dave was introducing a new worry, but I thought I had snuffed it. So we begin again, with grudgingly purile thanks.
Rega250... the vector doesn't act quite the same way, but the cue lets the arm down very slowly, slower than the rega
Lets narrow it down a little then. Anyone with a RB250 or RB300 seeing the same behaviour? If not same behavour then please still post and let me know.

Thanks guys for your responses,
Assuming the arm bearings are perf, what you're seeing is bearing 'stiction' -- sticky friction. A tiny bit of lube on the Shure gauge's pins ("bearings" in the loosest sense) will help. I can't recall what I used -- Pedro's Syn Bike Bearing lube, VPI bearing lube, WD-40... but it really helps.

You might also try polishing the pins a tiny bit with some ultra-fine wet/dry paper, but I'd pass on my own advice. 'Cuz you might wreck the roundness (sphericity?) of the pins, or even much, much worse: get caught doing it.