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How Many Turntables Have You Owned
I have had two in forty years. BSR 1966, and Lynn in 1975. The rest is music. 
Where can I get Eldar's re-imagination on Vinyl
I do not know this name. Do you have more information? Is it orchestral, does it have an opus number? 
Any experience with the new Linn Sondek upgrades?
So we are getting into the meat of it all. We want to know both step-by-step, as well as the total value of ownership. According to Ivor's cannon, Keel ought to be done first, and if one can take only one step it is the Keel.It is the second step ... 
Monster/Music Lovers. FRANKENSTEIN
What about the Mel Brooks movie? Did he use the same piece?My brain hurts.Any of you heard the Gruber Frankenstein composition? Pretty wacky, but good! Listen to the Amazon sample. 
Survey-What is your most used source?
Back in the saddle again
I am not surprised that this grimey bunch would ignore the question in favor of the chick. You would not have if you saw her. Not by my pen anyway. 
data center power ware
Amazing such a group is so silent! 
60 cycle hum
Cheap aint nutin to do wit notin where hum is concerned. Anyway Yamaha aint cheap, its mid-fi. And I never heard them do that. But 60 cycle is a cooky animus. You could try breaking it all down and re-connecting. I do not know Rega by experience, ... 
Manhattan vinyl shops
Albertporter we meet again, thou scourge of Audiogon!Great legs, fella? Check the swing on "Baron Von Munchausen"If you are interested in Gray Poop-On, check out the mustard museum on the web. Dijon is great on steak, not burgets so much.I was in ... 
Manhattan vinyl shops
Albertporter, first you are all over Natalie and now I catch you on Uma. Whatever am I to do with your sorry butt. At least I give credit for analog observation in the movies.Sorry Ketchup, I will properly answer you directly: Tower in the Village... 
linn catridge trade in? please helps.
I believe they only trade through dealers. If you call Kurt at "Sounds Like Music" in Phoenix, he will tell you all you need to know. And if you do decide to call him, give him regards from the Cousins family in Salt Lake City. He is my trusted de... 
Purcell in Pride and Prejudice
Uru975, no help here, it is the guy who did the score in the credits. He did a variation on Purcell and therefore did not make a complete reference. 
Musical Preference: US or UK?
It seems to me that one can do well in either place, but it is easier in the UK. I think the music scene is tied to the cultural forces at work. I agree with Rar1 about the economics. Further, I see economics tied to politics. The UK usually prese... 
where do you bye your LPs
Albertporter, despite the sequence of five comon letters in your names, you have as little prospect of a Valentine from Natalie as the both of us. Further, I bet you any recording you hope for that she never substitutes "Luv" for love. Furthermore... 
how to deal with corrosion
Flitz is an excellent polish for stainless. Use as above. Apply very small amount on cotton cloth or polishing pad.