cost no object integrated amps

what are some cost no object  , no compromise super integrated amps that rivals separates. would love to hear some thoughts, ownership experience and which ones must be considered in the shopping list.may be in 30k to 60k price range
 some of them which come to my mind are

1. dan d'agostino momentum
2. audionet HUMBOLDT
3. soulution 530
4. dartzeel CTH-8550
5. ch precision I1
6. vitus SIA 30

feel free to add or suggest any other ones. or if someone can comment on each of these or rank in the order of preference with their reasoning.
Pilium 39k is best that bob at rhapsody in nyc has heard. They are out of greece and bob has customers come from europe to listen to his stuff. He is a huge supporter of pilium..even there dac at 40k is better then other dacs at 100k. Call bob at rhapsody in nyc, hes getting a pilium in the store in 10 days. 
Thanks but 39k is not what i call same price range as Gryphon Diablo 300.Diablo 300 is 15k, i don't see anything that can compete in this price range other than T+A PA 3100HV.T+A is not as musical as Gryphon IMO.
ASR Emitter Exclusive Blue version would be on my list. Owned it for many years. Very nice in many ways.
I've heard the ASR Emitter ll in 2014 paired with Thiel CS 3.7s, great combo very smooth sounding but too many boxes need a lot of rack space.I think it's difficult to beat the Diablo 300 in that price range.
I have heard the Gryphon a while back, sounded really good and very powerful.
I have a pair of speakers now that while ruthlessly transparent they do not hide any defect from  your phone electronics.
it simply does not forgive any defect little or large.
they are 100 dB efficient 2 way crossoverless all silver wiring internally.
been playing with SPEC at home and while very nice, these speakers will show minute details that detract my heart and distract my attention from the music just an iota.
I’ve been playing a very satisfactory Accuphase E-650, while is has the best recreation of a genuine stage with space cues to width and depth that I’ve never heard before in my room..... I’m waiting on a beast E-800 and have much expectation on what this best amp in the integrated class from Accuphase sounds like.
we shall see....
I’ve heard good things about some of the amps proposed here like the Mola Mola,  D’Agostino and Pass. Actually, Dan D’Agostino and Nelson Pass are 2 of my heroes of audio design.
im daily new to Accuphase but looking at their track record for maintenance free and reliability.
I’ll give this line a go for the next few years and see what happens.
I’ll probably change my speakers to something smaller as I am downsizing and the speakers tend to overpower my small room .... 4 meter x 4.5 meter office
i think reading reviews is fine but there is no substitute for hearing the gear yourself .