counterfeit CDR copys of Original Jazz Classics

I am aware that this theme has been mentioned eralier on different forums, but I cant stop wondering is there something that can be done to stop such ripp off. From different sellers, on Amazon I have orderd and received brand new OJC editions, only to discover that inside is a worthless cdr copy. I guess there must be a source of suplie and somebody who stands behind  such bs.products. Can it be stopped? I came to a point that from every 5 cd's that I order I got 2 cdr copy and I have decided to stop ordering 'new' cds and even write to a seller before buying one, to check is the copy that I want the original one. Of courese that is quite time consuming and annoying.Anybody knows more about it?

Selling "copies" of recorded music is a copyright infringement, therefore, illegal.  Report the seller(s) to Amazon.
It cannot be stopped- alexatpos

As a buyer on both Amazon and eBay, I only deal w/ sellers of 99% or 100%


I don't know who you're buying from, but I buy a lot of CD's on Amazon, and it has never happened to me. Are you shopping for the cheapest price and ignoring feedback?

Some vendors on Amazon do state that the disk is a CDR, but you must read the fine print.

Arkiv Music does have licensing from classical record labels to burn and sell CDRs.
I believe that I am buying from reputable sellers, on Amazon in the Us and in the Europe, but also got on of those ’editions’ in a big ’mortar and brick’ cd shop. Again, it was new, sealed in a plastic wrap. So,it seems to me that who ever owns the rights for OJC editions now is leaking cdr copys as well. Any comments?
I found a thread with the answer. Seems like the original masters are locked away in a third party facility.
Read the thread and follow the link within for the story.

I buy a lot on Amazon and it's never happened to me either. I buy in the UK, perhaps the site is better than the .com one.

 Either way, as brf says, it is illegal and just refuse to accept it. Whatever else is good or bad about Amazon, sending stuff back and getting a refund is easy.

I have received a few of these CD-R products from Amazon.  They have some 3rd party, on-demand "fulfillment" services. The jewel case is cheaply sealed, the liner is a cheap photocopy.  It is best to scroll down to product description to ensure you see that it is a major label release.  I have purchased some original releases by going to the artist's website and just shopping there. 
It is an old thread, but just received the brand new sealed cd (but with cdr inside) again.
This time is Prestige edition, not Ojc, but still jazz music.
The seller may be unaware of this fact (I have send the mail) but who ever is the principal suplier of that s...should be prosecuted.
The order was on Amazon Uk, seller is a big name in Us...
Will see what answer I will get, than if nothing is done, will name him...just as warning for potential future buyers...