Counterpoint SA-20

Long time member even though I haven't been here in awhile.  I'm writing to share, gush and get some feedback from the best audio community on the net.  Firstly, I stopped by Goodwill on the way home yesterday and found a Counterpoint SA-20 hybrid amplifier for sale.  $150 and 2 hours later I'm sitting home in absolute bliss.  Yes, I know these amps are known to be unreliable and difficult/expensive to repair if/when something should fail but oh... my... lord... does this thing sound fabulous!  I have it paired with an old Forte Model Forty Four pre and original Monitor Audio Studio 20 speakers.  I have no idea if the amp has been upgraded.

Bottom line, I'm looking to hear from other Counterpoint fans and owners.  At the moment everything sounds amaze balls! Hope I can squeeze a few year out of this gem.  
Nice Find
 Hope you enjoy
Please remember one thing.
Do not remove the speaker cables unless this amp has been off for 24 plus hours and you should be okay
I wouldn't even disconnect them if you are enjoying.
 Best JohnnyR

Well, for your investment, you aren't at too great of a risk.  the SA-12 was the first "high end" amp I ever owned, back in '87, and I loved it driving my Vandy 2C's.  I was tempted to move up to the SA-20, but just never took the plunge (I remember asking my dealer in what ways the 20 was better than the 12.  He replies "Better in every way...."  Ah, they know how to set the hook).

I owned a SA-20 in the late 80's and loved it.  Counterpoint sent an  invitation to have my SA-20 upgraded to a SA-220, so the went for it.  Big mistake!  The amp came back sounding very different and I was pissed off at myself for having it done so I sold it but missed it's power and presentation for many years.  The SA-20 is a sweet amp.  Enjoy it, good score!

That was a fantastic sounding amp. Way back in my early audiophile days, I used this amp with a pair of AE2’s I had, and with that amp, and a GNS modified SP-14, that was the best those speakers ever sounded. OK, unfortunately, one evening as I was in a blissful state of listening, all of a sudden, I saw flames leaping out of the amp. Just glad I was there or we could easily have lost the house. Very alarming!! to say the least. Great sounding amp though. Honest truth.