Couple good finds for repairs in Chicagoland area

For some weird reason I've had the need to repair a YBA Passion integrated, Rega turntable and Marantz SA-11S2 in the past few months. I found two repairers worth considering: Superscope Industries (Marantz/Denon authorized repairer) in Batavia. Il and Electronic Engineers in Chicago on Belmont (YBA and Rega). Both were reasonably priced, prompt and most important of all seemed to know what they were doing. All repairs were very satisfactory. Keep these good guys in mind for your component repair needs. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. 
Thanks! for sharing your customer service experience - mcondowhat kind of problem(s) did you have w/ the Marantz SA-11 S2 ?Happy Listening!
Out of the blue I had no sound. Some sort of regulator went bad. As the unit is 8 years old I also had them replace the laser pick-up as a few SACD's were defaulting to the cd layer. All for under $200. Pick up fixed the defaulting problem. Anyone with an older SA11s2 might want to replace the pickup as they are still available and inexpensive.