Turntable setup in Chicagoland area


Wanted to know if anyone in around the Chicagoland (south suburbs)  area that does TT setup .  Not sure if Brian Walsh still offers the service?

I'm not sure if I'll have the patience to do it myself.

Call Music Direct.  They have really great customer service.  If they do not offer the service ( and I am guessing that they do ) they may be able to point you in the right direction.
DeKay is correct, but I am no longer there. I do offer the service freelance and stake my reputation on the results. I can be contacted by private message here or by calling the number for my old business.

Brian Walsh
I would trust Brian Walsh.  He has a long history and great reputation in the industry.  I have met him several times and he has good depth of knowledge.  

I would not trust infectus005.
Chris Barry is the go-to Linn setup guy. He was at Music Direct, too. No longer there. 
Gee, bpoletti, I don't know what to say except the check's in the mail :-)

celander, yes, Chris is a good guy. He moved back to Michigan.
@ bpwalsh - shhhh...  Audiogon will want a piece of the "value exchange."  ;-)
Brian Walsh is no longer with Music Direct.  He still offers setup services in the Chicago area.
Another Big heads up for Brian-rest assured he will deliver the sonics
your Vinyl deserves --his knowledge of TT setup is top drawer --he assisted me in setup even when he could not travel to my Home.

His advice opened a new dimension to my playback --plus his pricing
is a bargain well worth it.

Highly recommended!