Creedence Clearwater Revival SACDs

I am a big fan of CCR and have all the remastered CDs, recently purchased "The Concert" on SACD before buying the rest of the SACD catalog. I was very dissapointed in the sound quality and preferred the Redbook layer to SACD. This was never an audiophile recording in the first place but I am curious on the sound quality of the other CCR SACDs. Anyone have any experience with the other 7 SACDs ?
I just received Bayou Country and haven't listened to it a whole lot. I have not been overly impressed so far. I have not tried the Redbook layer yet. Unfortunately it came in the same crop as Patrica Barber Cafe' Blue - now that is a high quality SACD!
I have no idea what issue my CCR CD's are??? Can anybody enlighten me? I believe there is the original redbook releases from about 1989, then there was a 20 bit re-master released around 2001 and now we have the SACD releases. Mine come in jewelcase boxes with a cardboard slip case and have liner notes. The 20 bit remasters also have the cardboard slipcase but the words "20 Bit K2 Super Coding" is written on the cardboard slip case. The cardboard slipcases on all of mine are identical but minus the words "20 Bit K2 Super Coding." They don't sound that good so I suspect mine are just the redbook issues re-released. Can anybody confirm this?
Part of the problem when discussing SACD's is that some people are discussing sonics and others are discussing things like the surround mix.
I have the Bayou Country SACD and I think it sounds great -- much better than I expected -- but, I listen in two-channel, so I have no idea about the surround mix. When it comes to the "surround mix" I have found that people differ with regard to what they want to hear from the rear channels. Some people want to feel as if they on the stage with the musicians surrounding them, while others just want the rear channels to provide more of the ambient details of the hall. I find that with two channel SACD, I get ambient details behind me, between my speakers, far outside my speakers, up near the ceiling. No need for surround. I'm happy with the Bayou Country SACD. Haven't heard any of the others.
Good point Rsbeck, Bayou Country is a stereo only disk. In my opinion, the sonic quality isn't that great. I was expecting more.
No prob. When I say I haven't heard any of the others, I mean any of the other Creedence SACD's. This may have to do with expectations. Any limitations in the recording seem to me like they are imposed by the source material, what with fuzz tone guitar work and such -- it seems like an unlikely candidate for audiophile treatment -- that's why I am pleasantly surprised. There is lots of air around the instruments, but not so much that it loses sense of the four piece band, the players are imaged both outside and between my speakers, the tone is rich, and the air of the studio is reproduced in my listening room, with overtones hanging in the air as if from the instruments. I can hear the air inside the snare drum, the cymbals hang in the air very naturally, but no one is going to make Doug Clifford sound like Max Roach. John Foggerty sounds great. I'm not sure what could be done to make it any better without losing the sense that this is a stripped down type rock band. I'm happy to have it in my collection. But -- hey -- to each his own.
I own CCR's "The Concert" in the 20bit K2 supercoding version and I love it especially for a live recording from 1970! Mine has the Fantasy label on the back and the "20bit K2" on the front on the cardboard slip cover.

I got into a grove with these 20bit K2 super coding releses and I've been collecting mostly the jazz greats with Tamaki Beck as mastering engineer.
If you haven't gotten any of the studio recordings yet, I can recommend Cosmo's Factory and Green River. Like Rsbeck, I was pleasantly surprised by them, especially Cosmo's Factory. The source material is a limitation here, of course, but not as much as I thought it would be. You think CCR and you think AM radio blaring through blown speakers in the dashboard, but there is really a lot there to hear. Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray at Analogue Productions did an impressive job of restoring these recordings to a sound that is both raw and surprisingly layered.
I own all Titles of Creedence in SACD's , 20 K bit , and the Gold Cd's.
On Bayou Country the 20 Bit to me sounds better than the SACD.
Pendulum ,sounds the best on SACD by far , although my disc sometimes has problems playing,
I meant to say the DCC Gold CD's sound better than the SACD's.
The 20 bit sound is ok but not as good as the DCC Gold
Ozzy you do realize the same guy that mastered the DCC golds mastered the SACD's? I doubt Steve Hoffman would agree with you on that last statement about the golds being better than the SACD's :)

Enjoy them none the less.
Now that you mention it , it does seem strange.
I specificaly concentrated on the Bayou Country SACD/Gold CD and the Gold.
The Gold has more higher frequency detail.
I am using a Denon 5900 .
I just bought "Pendulum" on SACD, and mine also has trouble playing sometimes. Can you describe the problem you were having? On my copy, the last two tracks appear to have some sort of defect, where the sound drops out and comes back intermittently.
As far as the quality goes, not bad, but I've heard so many really great SACD's of older albums that I think they could have been better.