Creek 5350SE Ubar Replacement??

I just read (by accident)on Audioreview that replacing the "Ubars", which connects the Preamp and Amp parts of the 5350SE in the back, with quality interconnects (.5 meter XLO Type 1 wires??) will greatly improve the sound. Anybody have this type of experience with any type integrated and if so does it improve sound? Seems to make sense. Any recommendations?


Matty, I have a Bryston B-60R and I tried using a 1m interconnect (VDH d-102) to replace the stock factory "Ubar" and I preferred the sound w/the factory
jumpers. However, everything is so system/listener dependent.
I have a 5350SE. I replaced the jumpers with .5 meter Audioquest Quartz. The difference was not subtle. The amp sounds richer and fuller. I would recommend it.
I believe our systems are similiar. I have a 5350SE, CD43MK2, T43, and Epos M12s.