Crossover Help

I'm using an Cambridge Audio Azur receiver with orb audio speakers, similar to gallo, and need some help. I find the bass is not so good as the speakers are tiny as one would expect. I've set the receiver to small for speaker size and my Hsu vtf 2 sub set to external crossover. I've actually tried both internal and external and neither are very good. My question is can I find a receiver, denon/pioneer elite/etc, that has a crossover frequency that I can set so ALL bass will be sent to the sub?

You need to look at the actual frequency of crossover. The general default is 80Hz but that is much too low for the Orbs. Look for an AVR with a setting of 120Hz.

Rotel would work, it is adjustable to 150hz and very versital, each speaker not only has cross-over but also bass and treble adjustments.
What you need is the Denon receiver line actually, for many reasons. One they will not only crossover your speakers at the proper location, but also do "EQ'ing" that's far supperior to anything else currently on the market! And, if you mount those Gallow speakers on/near the wall, you most definitely need to get an EQ involved...of that you can be assured of! That's of course if you want accurate/dyanmic sound reproduction at all. I do...
James - I agree with KR4. Its not a matter of changing the product because what you're looking for is already there. Its a matter of moving the crossover frequency higher. Maybe even around 150Hz. Even then, be sure to properly blend the sub and satallites or else you'll find the same frustation and wanna switch.

The Cambridge should be able to handle this for you. Cambridge makes fine gear for the price range. Save your money and headache. Work with the Cambridge...and when all else fails, consult the instruction manual.

Don't spend you money too soon until you've picked apart the Azur.

Thats just my opinion.

Happy Listening.
Thanks guys. The azur doesn't allow you to set the crossover and I'm not going to change from an rca to the sub. I've decided to go with denon receiver as it has great flexibility in crossover.
Got the denon with auto setup and WOW the orb's with my hsu vtf 2 sub sound great. Thanks for the suggestions.
James...if you don't mind me asking, where is your crossover point for the sub?

BTW, You'd be supprised how much better your system can sound once you've tweaked you denon beyond the auto setup. With auto setup, you're probably at about 85% of your systems top performance. Just something to keep in mind, for what its worth.