Cube Audio or Charney

I have owned full range single driver speakers before.  Lowther & Aer based drivers and totally enjoyed them.  I miss what they do well so I am looking at purchasing either Cube's  8" or 10" speaker or Charney's 6" or 8" Voxativ speaker.  I have not heard either one and probably won't have the opportunity to listen before a purchase.  Anyone hear both or either speaker?  Any feedback would be helpful.
Check out Bache Audio. I have had many speakers, including different types of speakers and Lowthers were among them. I have not heard Cube Audio but have heard both Charney and Bache at audio shows and decided on Bache. I even considered using the Voxativ in Bache’s Tribeca speaker but after hearing the modified Tang Band drivers in them I went that route. The midrange is beautiful. And I have rebuilt Quad 57s in my stable. 
I know rodge827 has a pair of Charney’s and is absolutely gobsmacked with them. He lives in Jersey though and was able to listen before buying. Do a search and check it out   All the best
Yes I do own  pair of Charney Audio Maestro with the Omega RS7 driver, Listening to them now as I write this. I have never listened to Cube Audio but have listened to everything that Charney produces. I live about an hour from Charney and occasionally stop by for a listen. Brian is a great guy and will call to set up a listening session from time to time.
His speakers are designed on the Tractrix theory and not "boxed in" like other designs. In a nutshell the horn expands on all sides as the sound moves through it. No nasty corners that cause congestion and cancellation. Music is lifelike with a spooky real image and soundstage. Bass is clean, quick and deep with no need for augmentation even with the 6" drivers. Charney's goal is to create a speaker that sounds "real" and conveys an artists emotion and intent. He has succeeded on both counts! When I listen, I'm engaged in an emotional and intimate way with the artist. No matter what you listen to from Bach to rock Charney will get you there and keep you there.

True story, my niece and her boyfriend stayed with us last May over the Memorial Day weekend. After dinner we retired to my offfice/listenig room to spin some discs. I never knew she could sing! She was soloist in her high school chorus that won all state in GA. She sat in the chair and couldn't get enough! Her boyfriend just kept movin' and groovin' as we went through a bunch of songs from Eva Cassidy, Tracey Chapman, Pink Floyd, and demo tracts that really shine. What I though was going to be a quick session went for 3 hours. When we were done she said to me "This system is the kind were you listen to the whole album and not just different songs. Next time when we come back can we do that?" Uhh Yes! I replied. She gets it! A 26yr old Millennial got it!

Any of Charneys creations will do you right. If your budget and room can suppot them, the 8" Voxativ is a great way to go. My room is 11x15x8 which is too small for the 8" but the 6" shine in here. Charney lent me a pair of the 6" Voxativ Companions for a week. Just wanted to hear then in my room to possibly upgrade. Well I was sold and saving up to make the change next year.  

I've heard both a Charney with Voxativ drivers and a Charney with AER drivers and the Cube Audio Nenuphar.  I much prefer either Charney speakers.  The bass and midbass are much more complete and rich sounding on the Charney speakers.  I like the Nenuphar speaker, but, in addition to the bass deficiency, it has a more prominent midrange peak that makes it sound more like typical fullrange systems than the Charney speakers.  The Charney speakers are amazingly "normal" sounding while retaining the liveliness and vivid qualities of full/extended range driver systems.

The AER driver, in particular sounds fantastic.  It has more extension at the top than the Voxativ and is very smooth for a full range driver.  In my opinion, it is a worthwhile upgrade.

At a fraction of the price of either, there is the Rethm Bhaava (full range driver with a built in powered woofer).  This is one of the better $3,000 speakers I've heard.