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Mojo Audio - Mystique Y NC DAC
I purchased the X SE in Oct 2022 and had it upgraded in January 2024 with the AD1862N-Z chips and Nano Crystal Chokes. The upgrade brought an already very good sounding Dac to the exceptional level. More body, sound stage depth/expansion, realism,... 
New cd player
Sparkler Audio makes a great sounding nos cd player. Unfortunately it is only single ended.  http://www.sparkler-audio.com/portfolio/S515_en.html  
Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers
Another vote for the Charney Audio Maestro! Designed to be placed against or just off the wall depends on your room. Charney can have them finished any way you like or you can buy them naked and finish them yourself. Plus you have a choice of driv... 
horn or line array?
Dac that has tone and timing?
Used Mojo Audio all nos with an incredibly quiet noise floor.   
Speaker upgrade for Primaluna EVO 300 - Looking to find some audio nirvana bliss!
randybrinkman what is your room size? The Charney Audio Maesteo will fit your budget and work very well with your gear. http://charneyaudio.com/pricing.html  
Any Experience with Audio Envy SP12?
@rlb61 Thank you for your response. I’m an all tube set up to and currently using all Jena Labs wire. Some diy and some factory made. Heard a lot of good buzz about AE wires and might give them a spin. Sparkler s503 as transport-Mojo Audio XSE Da... 
Any Experience with Audio Envy SP12?
@rlb61 Any update on the SP 12s? How are they sounding now and what gear are you using?  Been thinking of trying them with my 300b monos. Thanks  
Speaker of My House…!
A couple of times I’ve had a monitor and dual sub set up. First was with 3 different Omega speakers with Omega subs and second with Shelby+Kroll monitors with S+K subs. After many exhausting trials I came across the Dspeaker Anti Mode Dual Core wh... 
Non-Oversampling (NOS) vs,
@designsfx  I own both the Mojo Audio XSE and a highly modified ANK 2.1b Sig. Mojo is USA made and ANK is from Canada and the guy who will build one is in FL. I like both Dacs for how they sound. Prob going to keep the ANK in my main system and t... 
Speaker of My House…!
Not sure of your budget but check out Charney Audio. The Concerto will meet your needs. Give Charney a call to discuss your room and expectations. He is a straight shooter and will do right by you.   http://charneyaudio.com/      
Non-Oversampling (NOS) vs,
What NOS based DAC’s should I look at?  Are there any USA made NOS DAC’s?    Thanks.    Yes Mojo Audio and Audio Note Kits dacs are very good.   
New Mojo Mystique X
Very happy with my Mojo X SE purchased last November. It does so many things right. Spinning CD’s from a Sparkler s503 to Mojo XSE to ANK 4.1 preamp to ANK Interstage 300b Monos SE to Charney Audio Companions horns. The XSE has a wonderful natural... 
Cheapest but good cables….
Audio Envy for sure!   
Mutec MC 3+ and CTronic After Dark Clock
@lowrider57  Thanks for the reply I’ve been thinking of a Node for some time now, but want to get my cd playback the best it can be before streaming. I had a PWT at one time and it’s a very good transport. I sold it and the Dac Iwas using to fund...