Cullen Cable

Has anyone had any experience with Cullen Cable in the last 3-3 1/2 months? Have been waiting on a couple XLR cables for appx that long. Wanted to order a power chord and RCA interconnects as well...but now i am hesitant.
I’ve haven’t seen any bad reviews for Patrick at Cullen Cables...ones that would indicate that a 3+ month wait isn’t normal. But haven't seen anything that tells me it is either. 

See the latest update on the Cullen website.

In the dropdown menu there is still an option to order products from Patrick.

He does still seem to be taking orders via email, even though his website states otherwise. He might be in the process of winding down or transitioning though.


I have a decent sized outstanding order that was placed April 22. I emailed Patrick 2.5 weeks ago and haven't received a response yet.

@agbrace I have a very large order that I placed in March that I'm still waiting on....

I know I will get the cables...I trust Patrick. But I cant predict when. I dont want to make any public theories about why the wait time has been so long but this has been going on for a couple yrs now. I have ordered from him in the last couple years so I kind a half prepared for this. 

Anyways... feel confident that you will get your cables and also he had developed a new design for his Crossover Series that he says has even less noise than previous. You should be getting the updated Crossover designed cables...if that's what u ordered. 

To put things in perspective a little...I've been waiting on a preamp for 7 months. They decided to "update" the faceplate. The thing is built...but is just sitting.on the shelf because it takes 7+ months to make a faceplate... :/

So wither these cables come tomorrow or next month...Im not playing any music without a volume control. 

Thanks for the reply, this is my first order with him ~$1200, 4 power cables and a power strip. He has a great reputation and certainly he's affected by supply chain issues like everyone else. It's not necessarily the wait, which I can understand, but at least try to be somewhat timely on communication. Also with the sale to Wyred 4 Sound that is probably taking up a lot of time.