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Has anyone had any experience with Cullen Cable in the last 3-3 1/2 months? Have been waiting on a couple XLR cables for appx that long. Wanted to order a power chord and RCA interconnects as well...but now i am hesitant.
I’ve haven’t seen any bad reviews for Patrick at Cullen Cables...ones that would indicate that a 3+ month wait isn’t normal. But haven't seen anything that tells me it is either. 
Drop them an email, that is a long time for a pair of interconnects.  Did you already get charged for them?
The two times I did business with Cullen Cable they were very quick to respond and supply the order, that was before the pandemic though. Hope all is well with them.
I never had issues with Cullen Cables, every time I ordered their power cables. Did you email or call them to find out about the delay?
Patrick Cullen is apparently WAY backed up in orders.  My last two orders (Crossover II power cable, and power box took a long time to get here, think it was almost 2 months.  Previous orders were much quicker.  Email him, he responds quickly to give updates, but I wouldn't expect super quick TAT.
Sometimes things mysteriously fall through the cracks for no apparent reason. Try calling or drop an email for clarification. I suspect that there is an atypical situation happening and Patrick has fallen behind. Could be as simple as shipping or supply chain issues. Communication is the answer. 
Thank you all for the responses. I've had cables made from him before and have had nothing but positive experiences. Its because of that I was just wondering what others have experienced lately. I hope this thread doesn't come off as negative twds him. If so, if there's a way to delete please let me know. 
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i got digital and power cables from cullen about 6 mos ago, good communications and fast turnaround at that time
Last month I ordered  a power cord from Patrick and waited about two weeks.

He responded in a timely manner to all emails as well.   
Ooops-- don't know where my aging brain was at-- it was XLR IC's that I ordered!  
I bought a pc from him last winter and he was having trouble getting the plugs,so it ended up being a couple of extra weeks.
I've ordered 4 power cords from Cullen. My most recent order during the Covid lockdown took about 4 weeks to arrive. 

A couple of months ago I ordered my first Cullen cable, a crossover PC. At about the 3 week point I emailed him for an update and he got back with me right away, said I'd have them in a few days and that did happen. About four and a half weeks ago I ordered two more. Thought I would receive them by now but I know he's busy. I did email him for an update 5 days ago and haven't heard anything. Likely he's just really busy but it's always nice to get that email to know everything is in process
Patrick did get back with me and everything's fine. He's just real busy. With that, I ordered a couple more power cables

Looks like he sold his business to Wyred 4 Sound. 

He called it a merger, but the important thing is that he’ll still be making cables and generating new products.  

So I'm assuming he's not making cables at the moment. I'm curious if the cables sold on wyred world will still carry his name. Anyone have experience with Wryed World products? I've never heard of them until now.

I have his power cords for years & last summer wanted to do a full loom, emailed with no reply.

I got two Cullen power cords a couple months ago.  Took around two weeks to arrive. 

Now Patrick has a notice about the merger on his website. It links to Wyred 4 Sound but his cables aren't displayed. 


I hope this is a move forward, those of you who followed the Wyred merger with Carver know that it was a disaster. Manufacturing of the Carver amps was inferior to that of the Bob Carver Co. The new company was dissolved and production went back to Carver.

It sounds to me like Patrick is still making and developing new cables.  They offer high value IMHO, so I’d reach out to him and see if he’s still making his cables.  I will say I was surprised as I’m not sure what the synergies and cost savings are by partnering with Wyred4Sound, but obviously there’s some benefit somewhere.  With the margins in the cable business I know if it was me I wouldn’t wanna merge with anyone, so maybe it’s not really a merger but a buyout where Patrick got a big, and well-deserved, payday and is now employed by W4S.  That makes more sense  to me.  Anyhoo...

I contacted Patrick last night and received a reply this morning. He's still making and selling cables. I'd like to order another Crossover and he said sure, just order it from him. I asked him if his line of cables will be the same with W4S and he didn't comment.

His digital cables are real winners IMO.  I have his speaker cables, interconnects and power cords as well.  Excellent performers.

A few months back I contacted Patrick via email to inquire about some power cables. We had a very lively email discussion and he actually took the time to inquire as to what make and model gear they would be attached to. He even went as far as to inquire what my sonic preferences were. That all went very well with no delays. I paid in advance for the 3 cables, which he acknowledged. I then asked if we could add a 4th cable and got a semi non-committal response.. shortly thereafter Patrick told me he was running a little bit behind and it would be about 3 weeks for delivery. At around the 8-week mark I checked in with Patrick and he promptly responded that he had been on vacation (spending some of that w4s dough??) and my cables were actually ready to ship. I received them about a 2 weeks later. Patrick's location is within a day or two shipping-wise, so all told I waited around 11 weeks. Cables arrived and all is well. What's weird is the plug heads on both ends of the cables I ordered are so huge they didn't fit through the holes in my rack and I had to reconfigure my cord layout. That's more of an FYI though. As for performance I'm very pleased in that there was no downgrade in Sonic quality, and they are absolutely indestructible regarding build quality. The jury is still out on whether there was much of a sonic improvement. I have had other instances with cables that there was a dramatic improvement or decline, but in this case it was not super noticeable. It does seem like the soundstage opened up a bit. When it's all said and done despite what you would consider, in this day and age, a fairly minor delay, Patrick was super friendly, reasonably responsive and a pleasure to deal with. Sometimes people passionately build small businesses with everything they've got, and after a while decide to sell. Sometimes that results in little to no noticeable decline, or a complete crash and burn of the product. Regardless of the outcome, he earned whatever windfall and success he achieved. Would be interested to know what the next chapter is if he remains in the hobby.

Lowrider...good to hear. I looked on the wyred site and there was no mention of his stuff.

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pat cullen is rick’s son

rick is head tech at w4s, not sure if he is part owner with e-j... rick built a name modding gear at his own shop called cullen circuits, among his good work are well modded, nice sounding dacs like the ps audio d-link, among others

pat makes cables aside from any involvement at w4s

excellent high value high performance cables, no b-s, they just sound great

@jjss49 , thanks for posting the backstory, it puts everything into perspective. I knew about Cullen Circuits, but didn't know the rest of the story.

I placed my order for eight cables from Patrick about 4 weeks ago. I’ve ordered from him about a year ago and all was smooth. His email responses have been slow from a couple days to over a week for a response at times, so placing the order was an extended process. I was told the cables would be delivered in 2-3 weeks, but nothing yet. Even though he may have merged or sold his company, I do think he needs to be more realistic in communicating timelines and expectations to the remaining customers. 

@nilecniv i think the 2- 3wk is just a boiler plate auto respose. I have no doubt you will get your cables. But i think the wait time is more like 2-3 months.

@tmac1700 Yeah, it does seem to be so. I guess he's not keen on overestimating the lead time and delivering early.

@jerryg123 Signal was going to be my other option. If my Cullen order falls through, I will place an order with Signal.

@nilecniv Frank will let you know where your order stands… Good communication 

@davidrolon Thanks for the insight. I had a similar experience recently where we Patrick recommended a cable based on my gear and budget.


What are your thought's now that you've had the cables in your system a bit longer? Which power cables did you choose?

See the latest update on the Cullen website.

In the dropdown menu there is still an option to order products from Patrick.

He does still seem to be taking orders via email, even though his website states otherwise. He might be in the process of winding down or transitioning though.


I have a decent sized outstanding order that was placed April 22. I emailed Patrick 2.5 weeks ago and haven't received a response yet.