Cullen Cable

Has anyone had any experience with Cullen Cable in the last 3-3 1/2 months? Have been waiting on a couple XLR cables for appx that long. Wanted to order a power chord and RCA interconnects as well...but now i am hesitant.
I’ve haven’t seen any bad reviews for Patrick at Cullen Cables...ones that would indicate that a 3+ month wait isn’t normal. But haven't seen anything that tells me it is either. 

I have a decent sized outstanding order that was placed April 22. I emailed Patrick 2.5 weeks ago and haven't received a response yet.

@agbrace I have a very large order that I placed in March that I'm still waiting on....

I know I will get the cables...I trust Patrick. But I cant predict when. I dont want to make any public theories about why the wait time has been so long but this has been going on for a couple yrs now. I have ordered from him in the last couple years so I kind a half prepared for this. 

Anyways... feel confident that you will get your cables and also he had developed a new design for his Crossover Series that he says has even less noise than previous. You should be getting the updated Crossover designed cables...if that's what u ordered. 

To put things in perspective a little...I've been waiting on a preamp for 7 months. They decided to "update" the faceplate. The thing is built...but is just sitting.on the shelf because it takes 7+ months to make a faceplate... :/

So wither these cables come tomorrow or next month...Im not playing any music without a volume control. 

Thanks for the reply, this is my first order with him ~$1200, 4 power cables and a power strip. He has a great reputation and certainly he's affected by supply chain issues like everyone else. It's not necessarily the wait, which I can understand, but at least try to be somewhat timely on communication. Also with the sale to Wyred 4 Sound that is probably taking up a lot of time.


maybe try to email him again?

you know how folks get busy with other stuff... sometimes a second ping gets a response... pat has never let me down

Return customer that placed a sizeable order with Patrick in March and received them by May. His communication isn't the best or even realistic with timing, but you will get them!