Cured of upgraditis?

For most of my audio life I have suffered from the affliction of updraditis. I'm sure you know of what I speak. However, after my most recent round of upgrades, and with lighter wallet, I am at a point where, with the system below, I don't feel the need to change a thing. Of course, the system is not perfect. I have a noisy tube in the preamp and a lip-sync issue with the disc player, but I just want those problems to be solved - I don't actually want to change any of the equipment. Music and movies have never sounded better. It's a curious feeling, like audio nirvana, a sort of zen-like quality. What I'm wondering now is if this condition is temporary and brief or, as I hope, will last a long time, possibly forever. Does anyone have any similar experiences to share?

Oppo BDP-105 universal player
conrad-johnson MET1 6-channel tube preamp
Sunfire Cinema Grand 5-channel power amp
Von Schweikert speakers: VR-33 mains, Unifield 1 center, TS-150 surrounds
REL T1 subwoofer
Cabling: Cardas, a mixture of quadlink and cross
A couple of beers
A good time
it's a state of mind. many can be satisfied with less --sonically and investment in components.
I cured my hifi upgraditis by buying a couple of nice used acoustic guitars. Talk about high fidelity! Now instead of worrying about soundstaging and timbre I ask myself "does the resonance of my Spruce/Rosewood guitar overwhelm note clarity and separation compared to my Adirondack/Mahogany guitar?

Hey, acoustic guitars save more energy than Class D amplifiers! Zero watts at idle or full volume.
How do you like the VR33 speakers? I am considering a pair but haven't heard them. I need something to go close to the rear wall and they seem to be just the ticket. Mostly, how do they sound on rock?