Current amp setup for secondary listening room

Hi Audiogoners!

I have recently come into possession of a pair of KEF LS 50 (original non wireless) speakers. 
I have also recently acquired a Michael Yee Audio power amplifier PA -1.
Since I work from home, I am looking into a secondary setup for my home office.

My question is:
Can I use the PA-1 with a Fostex HP A8 as a preamp to drive the LS 50 speakers?
If this is not a good combination, I am open to suggestions regarding amps/preamps.

Also, I have read that bookshelf speakers of this nature are best utilized when they are placed on speaker stands.
Does this mean needing to spend around $400 on stands?

I could also use some advice on the nature of budgeting for this purchase.  Not sure where I need to be cash wise to appropriately complement these speakers with the preamp/amp setup.

I listen to all kinds of music but with an emphasis on classical and jazz piano.

Thanks in advance for your much appreciated advice!

You can use the combo you suggest so why not try it and see what YOU think of the sound? Apparently the Fostex doesn’t sound as good as a preamp (using it to control volume) as it does as a DAC. Give it a shot anyway. Yes, stands would be better.
You don’t have to spend $400 on speaker stands. I use Pangea stands with my small Harbeths and they are fine!
Stands let you place the speakers out away from walls and the reflections that ruin imaging. Which matters when you're sitting down really listening from the sweet spot. But its a whole lot less important when you're not, especially if you move around at all. Then it might be better having them on a wall, even on the proverbial bookshelf, because of the added bass reinforcement. Background listening and serious listening are two very different things, a distinction a lot of people miss in the focus on "I'm an audiophile." My advice would be take advantage of the fact they are little speakers, move em around, figure out for yourself what you need.
Volume is everything when it comes to image, what do you prefer? Loud? Then bring them out from the walls. I have 18" clearance from the walls, back and sides, I also know where the volume sweet spot is.
Thanks for the tips!  I was not aware of the added bass reinforcement from the bookshelf placement.

Does anyone have experience with the PA-1?  I know it's a bit old.  I have heard positive things about it.  

If I use the Fostex HP A8 as a DAC only, would I still need a preamp? 

The LS 50 Wireless come packed with  230 watt amp.  Does this mean the non wireless needs comparable power?

It's a bit overwhelming for a new (accidental) audiophile.

Also, thanks to Yogiboy for the speaker stand resource!  I think I found what I need there.
you do not need 200+ watts
Pangea stands more than adequate
any speaker will couple with a large adjacent surface to reinforce bass and screw up mid and treble - for critical listening....
more surfaces, more bass....
the LS-50 is pretty limited below 60 hz ( read the white paper )
kef sell stands, imo they ignore own advice for tweeter at ear level
have fun
 excellent speakers
enjoy the music
Makes sense about a how a large adjacent surface reinforcing bass would have an affect on mid and treble. I will definitely experiment with speaker placement. Shows (again!) what an audiophile newbie I am!

Good to know about the power reqs!
Would the 100 watt Michael Yee PA-1 amp I have properly drive the LS 50s in my 10' x 12' room?

#noromance pointed out that my Fostex HP A8 is better suited as a DAC vs preamp

If I use the HP A8 only as a DAC, would a preamp be necessary?


Don't worry too much yet about not using the Fostex as a preamp. Hook it up and enjoy. Then come back with questions.