CV181-z's Black Treasures in Cary SLP-05?

I am running the above with great success in a Modwright Transporter. Now I am wondering, if I could also use them in my Cary SLP-05.

Does anybody have any information on this or tried it?

A recent TNT article highlights the difference and hence I am hesitant just dropping them in.

"This is why the CV181Z might not be a drop in replacement for the 6SN7. Typical 6SN7 heaters draw about 0.6A and the CV181z draws about 0.9A (900mA), the old Mullard CV181 drew 950mA. This 50% increase in heater current amounts to 0.6A for a pair of CV181 in a circuit, which as you can see represents the load of a whole extra double triode."

I have more than a dozen Shuguang Treasure Cv-181Z tubes in my Atma-Sphere equipment. These are 6sn7 direct replacements. The above reference is incorrect and has nothing to do with these specific Shuguang tubes cause they are not really CV181s. Calling this tube a CV181 and then adding a "Z" to it which means "just kidding" is a marketing ploy. This being said, these are fabulous tubes and should be high on anyones list for 6sn7 replacements. Just make sure you have the space. They are a bid bigger in girth than a standard 6sn7...Yummy Listening in my opinion...
Thanks, after more research I also figured out that you are right about the specs and the tube size. I tried my current pair in the Cary and the base of these tubes is too big for the holes in the chassis top. and doesn't fit, unfortunately.
Deutsch - I was thinking about these tubes for my SLP-05 when I need replacements. Thanks for being the guinea pig and trying them - I would not have thought that they wouldn't fit through the holes in the case. You've savd me some future money.
Thank you, "letsmakeadeal" for your info regarding the CV-181Z. I have the originals and was wondering if the new "Z" issue was the real deal or not.

Having seen both, are the plates that much alike? Or is it just a 6SN7 plate in an ST style glass?