DAC for 16/44 only

I currently use a Musical Fidelity V-DAC to process the signal from my Squeezebox Classic (v3). If I'm only ever going to listen to 16/44 Redbook rips (in Apple Lossless format), what DAC can you suggest that might/would sound better that the MF?

I don't to waste anyone's time, so if this has been talked about elsewhere, please feel free to simply point me in that direction.

It is an amazingly good DAC not even considering the price; I have thought about upgrading to , say , the Rega DAC but I think you would have to go to the Naim [$3500] to be sure of getting something better. I do use mine with the "LITTLE PINKIE" power supply from Scotland which improves the performance considerably. They also benifit from a good digital cable; for a while I was using a $1500 Transparent Reference with mine; the V-DAC was good enough to tell the difference between it and other cables. When HIFICRITIC tested it they noted that all the cables they used cost several times the price of the DAC; they said that it was the cheapest componet they ever tested that could be used in a top end system. Spend the money on a better power supply and a good [$100 say] digital cable and you will have a great sound. I have recently upgraded to the LITTLE PINKIE SE so my regular model is for sale, email me if interested.
I've read your comments on this DAC in some other threads and appreciate you commenting on this one! I remember the HIFICRITIC testing. It was what pushed me in the direction of it in the first place. They said it had the lowest jitter of any device they had ever tested (or something insane like that).

Anyhow, the DAC is currently battery-powered, so I figure I'm set as far as power goes. I'm using DH Labs D-75 for connectivity between the SB3 and the V-DAC, but would be willing to audition various cables (although $1500 cabling, of any sort, will simply never happen).

Thanks for your input. I very much appreciate it.

I don't recommend it either, I bought it used for another application and it is now in Russia. I am currently using a Clearer Audio pure silver cable with WBT connectors that I ordered from England. They are about $290 including shipping and have a 60 day money back policy. I also like the Oyaide silver cable and Van den Hul's cheaper one which I sell. But digital cables are very much a matter of taste and if you are happy with yours don't fool with it.
Some folks think that upsampling - that is, adding resolution that isn't there in the first place - is ultimately to the detriment of the original content. That said, does anyone think that a NOS DAC of some sort might prove better than the V-DAC if I'm never processing anything higher than 16/44? I suppose I'm just curious about the sound of a device that will retain the original signal.

Thanks again,
A few 16/44.1 DACs come to mind (in no particular order):
Bel Canto DAC2
Scott Nixon Tube DAC/Chibi DAC
Audio Note 1.1/2.1 DAC
Kora Hermes DAC
Lavry DAC10/DAC11

depends on how much you want to spend. the DACs listed range from several $100s to $1500.