DAC for 2016 MacBook Pro

Hi all, looking for suggestions for a reasonably priced DAC that I can use with a MacBook Pro running Audionirvana and that I will hook up to a WES Audio GES Amp in my office for listening with my Stax headphones. Under US$1,000.
Many thanks
The Peachtree Dac*iTx would be inside your budget. It got excellent reviews. (Although you may have to get one second-hand, not sure if it's still in production) Schiit seems to have a lot of fans as well. I almost bought a Peachtree but found a vintage Keces 151 that has a linear power supply and sounds incredible playing needledrops.

I also use Audirvana in integer mode 1 and love it! Superb sound; truthful and clear. 
Benchmark DAC3 or 2 or 1 - all are top notch, and the older ones are about $600 used

Schiit DACs are Redbook only AFAIK
There's no such a thing as a Redbook only DAC. Some DACs may sound better with PCM signal vs. DSD, etc., but all support digital signals. Maybe I missed the memo. 
@ randy-11
better ask Schiit

My Schiit Gungnir Multibit handles inputs up to 24/192, and not just 16/44.
Assuming you can get a USB signal out of the Macbook, how about an ODAC usb DAC? It is cheap, compact (ie, portable), gets its power from the usb connection, and  measures and sounds very well. Goes up to 24/96.
 I use an Ayre Codex dac with my MBP via phasure Lush USB cable and an ISO Regen from Uptone Audio.  I listen to CDs using a Meridian player with Toslink digital out to the Codex.  The music via USB is excellent.  Just remember to remove the Mac charger while listening.

I would check out Resonessence Labs:


or  Chord Electronics:


A bit more expensive, but maybe you can find a deal or get one used.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Apologies for the delay but a belated thanks to all the recommendations which I am checking out.