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Will there be any audible sound difference between a wireless DAC connection vs. a DAC connected by ethernet?
I prefer to use a wired connection wherever I can. Sometimes because of distance and access restrictions I need to go wireless. For Pandora background music I have a wireless connection but for Tidal MQA hi-res I use a wired connection. Every system is different so try both and see what you prefer with your own ears.
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For the best steaming results, you should ALWAYS use an Ethernet  wired connection.  I also suggest you check your modem and router to ensure they are working okay.   Several years ago, I discovered my router was dropping packets especially when streaming Tidal.   
Just remember that microwave ovens at 2.4ghz, and its harmonics, with a dirty diode or cap will play havoc and generate noise.I often pick up noise from which neighbor..i cant say.
is there a maximum distance for ethernet cable, before wireless is preferable? I know in many home the streamer may be 30+ feet away from router/modem

If you are an apartment dweller network interference is a big deal. Use an app like Wi Fi Analyzer to ensure your router is on an unused channel.
Hgeifman, +1......always nice to use ethernet cabling into the router. a lot of energy waves float around the airways and this IMO takes that distortion out of the picture.
I use wireless because my DAC is on the opposite wall from my computer and there is no easy way to run ethernet cable.  My wireless receiver operates on 5GHz band since 2.4GHz is polluted and has only 3 non-overlapping channels (1,6,11).  I also found out that my microwave operates on one of the channels causing dropouts.  In addition 5GHz has advantage of poor wall penetration, shielding my room from outside signals and has 24 non-overlapping channels. 

So, in either case you transmit data and not the music (no timing attached).  WiFi needs receiver and it might produce some amount of jitter.  My receiver (Airport Express) produces about 280ps of it.  It should be kept below about 50ps (to be inaudible) by either using jitter suppressing DAC (my Benchmark DAC3) or reclocker.  There is also possibility of router generated electrical noise to couple into the gear, but you most likely have router working anyway.  Ethernet could also inject noise, but is probably a better solution.  You have also option of asynchronous USB, that also delivers data in packets and might inject noise as well.  But again, injected noise might be non-issue.  You have to try for yourself.  
Connecting a DAC to either Ethernet or WiFi makes no sense if at all possible. I think the question (and the answers) were focused on the streamer connection not a DAC.

Funny...yes I worded the question incorrectly....of course DAC is standalone and I meant to ask wether as to hookup my laptop via wireless or ethernet. In this case my laptop being the streamer. Thx for the reply!

Ishkabibil,  perhaps you meant server.  Streamer delivers music from the outside of your home (internet) and often requires different hardware.