DAC recommendations

Okay. So, before this becomes the typical dac battle, let me explain what I have and what I’m looking for. My system consists of an Aric Audio Custom 300b PSET amp(almost always in class A set mode), Audio Note an-e/lx speakers, Cambridge cxn v2 streamer modified by ModWright tube dac and a Topping d90 dac. I can switch back and forth to get a tube sound from the ModWright or a more “accurate” depiction of the recording through the Topping. After a few months, I think I want something in the middle. The tube dac lacks a little clarity and the Topping is very critical of poor recordings. Both have their times when they sound better but I’m seeking a middle ground. 
Here’s what I’m looking for. I would like clarity, without being analytical. But most of all, I want natural sounding! I want a piano to sound like a piano etc…Lastly, I prefer a bit more bass and less bright sounding. Does this dac exist?

Ive looked at the Denafrips Terminator 2 and would prefer not to spend $6800. Does the Venus 2 fit? Bricasti m3? Other suggestions? I have some high quality components and would like a dac to match. Thanks in advance 


The Holo May or Spring were the first dacs I was really interested in early on. I spoke to my amp builder and he wasn’t thrilled with the 5.8 vrms. I didn’t question why, just crossed it off the list. Under 5 and more than 2 is my range. The Holo dacs appear to be awesome options. 

I have a Musician Aquarius R2R dac and it’s the best digital by FAR I’ve had in my system and it’s also the 1st R2R dac I’ve heard or owned. No idea how it measures but the damn thing makes everything sound awesome! Like it makes early 90s metal sound good! I don’t get it but it does. I’ve always owned Delta Sigma stuff in the past in the under 2k range so ymmv . 

No one has pointed out the obvious. I say change your speakers I use to own ANe- lx. This AN speaker shows you a beautiful forest but you can’t make out the trees in it! Good luck! 😊

My Border Patrol dac sounds quite nice to me, especially with the tube circuit engaged. I use it with my Cyrus transport. 

Maybe I'm missing something here.  To me, it does not make sense to upgrade an already-good DAC (or two) without first moving on from the low-res Airplay/WiFi connection.  

Stick with Apple Music if you like, but ditch Airplay/WiFi (for music playback) by connecting a headless Mac to your DAC via USB cable.  Then control the Mac from your listening position via laptop/tablet/phone with screen-sharing (or whatever connection your devices support). This  setup would support HiRes file playback from Apple Music ... or from another service such as Tidal or Qobuz.