Hello, curious on everyone’s thoughts. I’m still building my system. I came across a really good deal on a Meitner MA3 dac. It’s from an authorized dealer and they offered to sell me one NIB for 7k. I have read and read about dacs and I am getting tired. Haha. I really like the Denafrips Terminator 2, Holo and the lumin T3 being the cheapest of them all. Once I factor in a streamer I am already close or over the 7k. Also I don’t need a dac for anything other then just streaming. Thank you 

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“I have worked very hard my entire life and paid for 4 kids to go to college and they are productive members of our society,  I am  charitable and paid my taxes. I will spend my money as I see fit.”

Great post, guessing he’s just a troll 

@lalitk Hey, I am building it slow and methodical. I have Pass Labs XP-12 and the X250.8. I just picked up a pair of Dynaudio Contour 60i a few weeks ago. I have Cardas Cyngus cables on the way now and I got an Audioquest Niagara 1200 with a 2m Monsoon cable. I have not put pics up since everything is still in the box/crates. I am not set on the Meitner either. I am open minded, I have read a lot about dacs and want to make a smart informative decision. It’s hard to say no to a Denafrips or a Holo May KTE for the money, not gonna lie.


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It’s hard to say no to a Denafrips or a Holo May KTE for the money, not gonna lie.

I am a firm believer that most of what I buy can be improved with modifications. Everything is manufactured to its price point. I have a second Dac which has just had modifications completed.

From the original owner, who is testing it for me:

"It still has the lovely clean top but non fatiguing. Detail has improved and its sense of timing. Bass, body and punch has improved too."

The guy who modded it said after two days:

"... it’s really starting to open up now, really nice tonal quality and a fluid ease to the sound..."

If considering the Holo May, contact bigkidz if US based, and at least enquire about their mods.


My mods are performed by Coherent Systems in the UK.