DAC to analog stereo for music And movies?

I just switched to windows 10 and my old Creative Soundblaster X-Fi no longer works. I probably should have expected that because the last driver came out in 2014.
I'm thinking of buying an external DAC and just using the optical or USB in and the RCA outs to my stereo amp. This will be great for music but, will it be OK for movies? I'm worried about sync issues. I'm OK with stereo for movies as long as the sound is correctly synced with the action. 
Just go HDMI to your TV, and use the optical out from it. That should let you sync the sound if there's an issue with the TV.
I have a recent LG OLED and that's how I run.
As posted above, I also use an HDMI cable from my TiVo cable box to my LG OLED TV. I use the TV’s optical out connection with an DH Labs optical cable to connect to my SimAudio 380D DAC. The DAC uses XLR balanced cables to connect to my Ayre 7e integrated. amplifier. The sound quality is very good.

The TV’s settings need to be set to the correct output signal for the DAC. There should be no sync issues.