DAC to pair with MA6600

I posted this in the Amp/PreAmp section as, well and realized I should have probably started in the digital section.

Current setup:
McIntosh 6600 Integrated Amp
Focal 1007be speakers
Source will be an extremely large iTunes library with FLAC, WAV and Lossless files via ethernet or Airport Express

Living Room with 14' ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed timber
Neighbors on each side, above and below

Needless to say, I won't be cranking this setup by any means. I like clarity in low volumes with the occasional bump of volume, but I probably listen to my car stereo louder.

I LOVE the looks of the D100 from McIntosh, but am having a hard time justifying 2.5k (and i never see them used) to only use the DAC. There are many more cost effective options, but with the every evolving digital market, I feel that a cheaper DAC is more likely to get replaced in a couple/few years.

I need people much smarter than I to help break down the pros/cons of relatively cheap vs. going all out (I consider 2,500 all out for a DAC).

Common sense has me looking at an Arcam irDAC and my senseless appreciation for aesthetics really likes the d100. If anybody has experience with a similar setup, can you provide some recommendations?

Too bad you missed out on the McIntosh trade-up program that just ended Tuesday. You still might find a dealer willing to swap your 6600 out for a demo or mint used 6700 at a $2500 difference if you ask nicely. That will get you an internal 32 bit 192 kHz DAC and a MC step-up if you really want to get into it. A nice one-box solution. Try Audio Classics in Vestal NY for a start. Failing that, you could consider the new MB100 media bridge (I have no idea what that sells for) or perhaps a second-hand MS300 unit. Their all-in-one disc players also have DAC capability in most cases and if you can live without Blu-Ray, are very affordable. Good luck & happy listening!