DAC upgrade suggestion

I am currently using a Audio-gd nfb 3.1.  The information below.  I bought a Topping DX7 pro based on the good data in audio science review.com.  When I first use it, I can hear the difference immediately.  It is more dynamic, bass is more punchy, sound clearer.  It sounds great.  But after listening for a longer time, I feel a bit fatigued.  I can compensate it a bit by switching the tubes in my amp.  Then, I need to return the DX7 because the Bluetooth doesn’t work.  I plug back in the Audio-gd, and i can confirm it is not fatiguing.  It is less dynamic, but also smooth.  Now, I am confused on what I should upgrade.  Several Audio-gd DACs are reviewed by AudioScienceReview.com and the data is very bad, LoL.  I know the bad data doesn’t mean it sound bad, but should I avoid DACs with good data?  How should I pick my next DAC?  It seems R2R DACs maybe a good choice for me since many people says the sound is more analog-like.

I have an FPGA dac from PS Audio and it sounds analog to me, and measures so poorly that the Audio Science review guy gave it an "award". 
Right on kairosman! I have a chord qutest and it sounds better than any dac I’ve had, including r2r. Very analog and future proof. Best deal in dacs today imo. 
If you want one Dac to enjoy music for a while, rather than churning through experiments, get an Ayre Codex.
R2R DACs are ridiculous - no two resisters are the same in the real world.
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