DAC Vibrations?

Has there been any evidence that vibrations Ken affect the effectiveness and translation of digital to analog conversion on a deck that may be in need of vibration protection?


Having mentioned plate, try with and without to see if you notice any difference. Your perception is what matters.


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I was shocked the first time I heard a good DAC put on an isolation base. As Mike above indicates, it is absolutely worth trying.

I have never heard a difference with a solid state DAC, but I have heard a difference with a tube DAC.  I have tried springs and pucks with my Pontus ll and I didn’t notice any change. Also, I don’t listen to screaming loud music, so I don’t really see a reason to isolate my SS DAC.

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Wow. Live and learn right. I appreciate…as all do… the sense of community here. I threw this over to DIGITAL @Knock1… thanks to all