DAC Vibrations?

Has there been any evidence that vibrations Ken affect the effectiveness and translation of digital to analog conversion on a deck that may be in need of vibration protection?

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Not sure how much evidence there is, but vibration damping is always beneficial. 

My DAC is balanced on two stillpoints on a base which in turn is sitting on steel wires tightened across the top of my rack..

Subjectively, I believe this gives more clarity to the sound.

I haven’t bothererd measuring, nor testing, etc. The stillpoints were lying around unused and the top of the rack is prqactically the only available placement for the DAC given its size (20 x 14) and weight (around 30kg - 65lbs).


You have the initial responses that are all aligned ….it is simply basic and intuitive that digital noise / jitter is the interference bane  of digital audio, and of DACs specifically.

thus is they driving force behind introducing more “space” design between the internal boards influencing more isolation in analogue from digital sections , as well as emphasizing physical means to reduce and isolate vibration 



The Brinkmann Nyquist uses a marble plinth under their DAC, so I would assume that, yes, isolation is something to be considered.


I agree with others here that vibration control is important.  Try these.  A lot of people here swear by springs as isolation devices, and these are adjustable for weight and only cost $23 for a set of four.  They’re from Amazon so if they don’t make a meaningful improvement just return them — what’s there to lose?  This is absolutely where I’d start.