DAC with HDCD function under usd1000

Need advice on a/m DAC. Thank you .
Too bad, I just sold my Parasound Ultra DAC2000 for $650. Originally bought for $1595...A great DAC w. HDCD...Good luck hunting.
I just picked up a Sonicfrontiers sfd 1 mk2 for 695 from Jeffssoundvalues. Check him on this site.
Check out the Enlightened Audio Design's DSP-7000 Mk3. They can be had for as little as $500-700 on the used market. Make sure that it is series 3 though.
Second the EAD DSP 7000 Mk. III. Very smooth presentation, not at all "in your face" but not harsh or straining. Super high quality build & parts, which would bode well for purchase used. Retailed for $2500 in another era, but I've seen them advertised at dirt cheap prices on this site.
Assemblage from Sonic Frontier DAC 2.6 or DAC 2.7 at $700 is one of the best HDCD DAC you can get? Happy New Year
I would also consider PS Audio Ultralink 11/HDCD, excellect sounding, former class B Stereophile. Sold new for 2200.00 used prices 500-750.00. Good luck
The most recent version of the Proceed DAP (Madrigal Audio) is a nice-sounding unit with HDCD, and accepts balanced or single-ended input and outputs. I believe it is still a current model @$2,ooo, but is sold used in the $600-$700 range.
I believe the Cambridge Audio S700 has HDCD. It is also its own issolation platform.