Dahlquist DQ-10 dead super tweeters question?

My new super tweeters are dead again :( They have only been in about a year with no abuse I know of. Do the crossovers fail and kill the tweeters? My meter does not measure caps. Any ideas out there on how to diagnose the problem? The speakers are totally stock originals.
place a volt meter across the piezo electric (super tweeter) and you will probably get a 0v reading. this means your cross-over capacitor for the piezo has blown.

i've had this happen but it has never been the piezo that's dead. if the peizo reads a voltage, i would replace it with a ribbon tweeter.

a better resource for an answer can be found at the regnar site. (former dahlquist employees)

good luck
What amp are you using? How many watts? The only reason these things would fail so quickly is if you're driving your amp beyond its capabilities. The crossover should be fine. The next question is whether you're sure the piezo super tweeter is actually dead. The frequency range coming out of those things is nearly inaudible at 12.5 kHz and up. People often pull it out and never notice it's missing. However, I recommend keeping it in. -Mark