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I need info to have JM Labs Daline 6.1 repaired.
I've been away from the web. (Mom had an operation and I've been there. She has no web access and her area has no cell access). I want to thank all of you for the responses. I'll be following up later today. 
NJ Audio Society?
I'm in. Tell me where. 
I Just Don't Hear It - I wish I did
I hear some, I don't hear others. Consider yourself very very lucky.ex. I cannot hear differences in many speaker cables but I can hear many differences in interconnects 
Has anyone tried refinishing your speakers.....
What about having a kitchen guy place a veneer on them? 
Best Fragile CD
The original Atlantic gold disc (in the box) is the best I have so far. I have the original US made in Japan, the compressed to heck remaster hdcd, and the newest mfsl version. Get the old Atlantic gold. It's far better. 
"Picking On" tribute albums
What's the website guys (and Elizabeth)? 
Aragon 8008BB vs Threshold T200. What to choose??
I will never get rid of either T200 simply since I KNOW my amps are not a part of any problem in my system. 
Highly Recommended CHILL OUT CDs???
"We are driving, driving, driving on the au - to - bahn" Kraftwork's Autobahn 
Album Storage
Completely unorganized! (Seriously). This way I can go to my "record store" anytime and find something new. (I have thousands of cds and lps). Even better, I get to buy the same piece over and over if I forget I own it! 
Beatles Without George Martin?
Hey wait - didn't he do The Knack's "My Sharona"? What a masterwork! 
Beatles Without George Martin?
"his career outside of the beatles music(check his discography without the band)was 'slight' at best" Jaybo - so wrong!Those great sounding America tracks were produced by George Martin. Sister Golden Hair, Ventura Highway, Horse With No Name, .... 
What is the best band ever?
flaming lipsryan adamsdecemberistsand, yeah, i'm an oldster too 
DIY cable elevators
Hang fishing string from the ceiling ........ 
Electrostat - M-L; Quad or Soundlab - reliable
Make me fourth in line for the Acoustat's. I have the nice wide 3's and they are old and perfect sounding. 
When Streaming, is 128kps good or not so good?
I don't want to be an Audiosnob but the lowest rate I can tolerate is definitely 360. Otherwise the high frequencies get very grainy; especially cymbal decay and ambience. I know it's backgrgound but I'm sure you want to be able to ignore it. :)