Dali Megalines - SE amps?

Love the megalines. am currently using Canary Ref Ones on the bottom and 339's on top (i use a passive vc on the REfs to match input power of the 339).
I keep thinking about going SE on top and maybe bottom as well. The M-lines are failry effecient - with the Canary amps i only go to 11 o'clock on volume to get all the volume i need in my room.
so far my thougths are:
Art Audio (Adagio, Quartet)
Wyetech (Topaz monos)
ASL (Cadenza 845 monos)
NAT SE2 or SE3

as a heads up - i'm not looking for spectacular sound, been there done that.My recent addition of a Kondo KSL front end has overwhelmed many of my long held views and now i just want amps that honor the music> The Canarys are very good but i keep wondering if one of the above amps (or some others) might take me closer still to the music. Keep in mind that the XO point is just over 1000 hz, whihc makes it a little harder unless you use exactly the same amps.
Gee if only i could get 2 pair of Gakuons.......

I owned the 6wpc AA PX-25 and it was amazing. Their amps are beautiful, built like tanks, and the customer support is superb. Give Joe Fratus a call, he loves talking audio and isn't the "hard sell" type.
wyetech topaz the cats ass , better detail , liquid , musicality, and most of all SOUL