Best amps to use for the Dali megalines

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I know this has been discussed before, but I would be very grateful for some advice re the Dali Megalines. I have a set od Dali's coming with the TAD tube crossovers, and at present have 2 Audio research REF 750's to drive the one set, but need to get a second set of amps and was thinking more along solid state lines. Would one use the 750's for the base and midrange or the tweeters, and what SS amp can you recommend? Thanks 
Dali has been pretty specific about using the same amp on the bottom as you have on top.

I'm running Merrill Audio VERITAS mono amps on the bottom & a PS Audio BHK Signature 250 amp on the top with a asi-tek 'transformed' Behringer DCX2496 crossovered at 700hz at 48db brining them together.The sound going from my Megalines is by far best I have have/heard in my 30 years of audio. So sweet sounding with such spooky imaging it's scary! You cannot beat a floor to ceiling dipole ribbon period. I will be enjoying these for many many years to come.
Oh, forgot...congrats on your acquisition -- I wish you innumerable hours of musical bliss.  :-)
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Thanks to everyone for their valued opinions and thanks c1ferrari - I am truly blessed!. I will probably put the ARC ref 750's on the dipole ribbons, and with the TAD active crossover I am hoping that it is less critical to have 4 identical monoblock's (can't afford another set of 750's anyway, first set nearly ruined me!) so was considering the Jeff Rowland 825 stereo amp which seems to have good write-ups and comments. Any thoughts? 
PS - which cables in order of importance would you spend more money on, power cables, interconnects or speaker cables? Would appreciate any opnions or feedback.
I have generally agreed with  Transparent Audio's hierarchy of cable importance; first source to pre, next speaker cable, then pre to amp. I think power cords are the most unpredictable.
This photo is a few years old but Elliot @ Acoustic Image runs his Megalines with the trapezoidal shaped tube amps in the background of this image. You could ask him for advice on amp selection.

Write to Audiogon member Albert Porter   regarding these speakers.  He had a pair for years.  He will be able to give you the inside scoop on these speakers.

I've heard those Wavestream amps on Elliot's MegaLine III speakers.  At the time, he was running a SS amp, Forsell Statement, on the bottoms, iirc.  The amps between the V8 Wavestream monoblocks appear to be Genesis amplifiers.