Damping Maple Amp Stands?

I'm purchasing 3 inch thick maple amp stands and a 3 inch thick maple CD stand that sits in a box filled with 1 inch of sand. I was going to put brass cones on the bottom of all three. I was also thinking of some damping uner the CD player itself. Am I on the right track?
Don't put any dampening material between the CD and the maple. Instead place the equipment directly on the rack or use some type of cone. You want to provide a direct link between the equipment and the rack. The maple will provide sufficient dampening.
Re your CDP,I assume you are talking about putting cones under the box that contains the sand - Might look pretty, but I can't see what good it would do. The sand is your isolation materiel. Cones would allow vibrations in the box to dissapate to the floor below but would not add any meaningful benefit to the CDP. Re the amp stand - If you are trying to protect it from incoming vibrations neither the cones nor the Maple will help - if you are trying to dissapate vibs from the amp either or both are fine.
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Please see my posts in the following thread for information that is relevant to your situation: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?htech&1080061403&read&h12&zzlBright_star_audio&&#rest

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Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
Just wanted to follow up. I received all my stuff from Chris at Timbernation. Wow what a difference it made! Much better imaging, bass, clarity, space around the instruments. A very inexpensive way to significantly improve your system. I put cones on the amp stands and nothing on the sand box. Thanks for the help!