Damping oil with Sumiko MMT?

Should I use dampening oil with my Sumiko MMT? I want to mate it up with a Denon DL-103R cartridge. I honestly can't remember if damping is needed with high compliance or low compliance carts. Right now it is running dry with an Audio Technica AT33EV in use. Either way, experts chime in on the merits of damping oil and when to use or not use it. Thanks, guys.
I think it would be advantageous with the Denon cart. Easy enough to try. If you don't want to invest immediately in one of the various viscosities of silicone damping fluid, just try something like STP or even honey (I'm assuming you can easily remove it from the MMT with some Q-tips) to hear the effect that damping produces.

My MMT instruction sheet provides the following info:

"We recommend using the fluid damping only when the cartridge being used has very low dynamic compliance (below 10 x 10 to the -6th cm/dyne)"

Hope that helps.
That is the answer I was looking for, although I do appreciate Dopogues' advice as well.

Thank you, both.