Daniel Queen Laboratories Speakers

I have a pair of Daniel Queen Laboratories tower speakers that I know nothing about.  They were my fathers.   Can anyone shed some light on where to find more info and possible value.  I can send photos of needed.


Here is an ad from Canuck Audiomart for 2018 with some info on the speakers and they sold for $500 CAD. I have to say they look pretty cool Omni's are interesting designs maybe worth giving a listen.



They look to be beautifully made. I'm guessing that they're British. They seem to be designed like Duevel speakers.

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Are you fixing them up or selling them?  I have a pair and am in the market for another set 

Daniel Queen Controlled Arrival speakers were demonstrated for me c. '81 at an audio retailer in central NJ  which later became Melos Audio. Associated equipment was a JVC TT w/Grace F9E cart, Bruce Moore Audio Design Uranus 3 preamp & Audire Forte stereo or PSE mono amps. The two cylindrical speakers were set close to each other in the center of the room. We listened to several albums I brought--classical & rock. Sound was by far the most 3 dimensional I ever heard. Dark Side of the Moon was a hallucinatory trip. It filled the room. The treble was too dry & I didn't have $2500 to blow on a pair of speakers so that was that. Imagine replacement parts for the product of a long gone small business presents challenges. One of these years I should check out contemporary omni-directional speakers.

Thanks for jogging a 40+ year old pleasant memory. IIRC caveats apply.

Enjoy in good health,