Darn Chromebook not playing well with Parasound ZDAC

Bought a Chromebook Flip (tablet/computer) for the sole purpose of streaming music through my DAC.  ALl I am getting is a muted sound with static.  Cant return the Chromebook and was wondering if there is a hack I can do to make this work.  Audiogon Masters, Please Advise and save me!!!!!
Well you really have to add more information.

What software, what output, what bit rate, which ZDAC (original or V 2?? )

Also try Computer Audiophile. They are all about the portables. :)


Thanks E, yea, I did slac kon the info there. ASUS Chromebook. not operating any software. Was running Amazon Music. Bit Rate..not sure. Original ZDAC. Will check CA for sure. Thanks for the lead.
It could be software setting, but many people have problems with Amazon Music.  Try to update program and the system.  You also have Google Play Music available on Chromebook.  Does it work?
Ive been an iOS user for over a decade and needed to get reacquainted with PC. So i figured it out. I was logged in as a guest. Entered my gmail account and downloaded Amzn Misic App. Works great now. Whew. As a guest I was running Amzn Music off website   

I figured it out after doing what Kikanki asked if google play worked. So to test that i had to log in. Thank you all!