David Brubeck Take:50 Montreal Jazz Fest

I hit the Montreal Jazz Fest last night to see a show at Place Des Arts. Well, David Brubeck was on the menu, celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Time Out". Now I am relatively new to Jazz, but wow this performance blew me away. As a newbie, even I am familiar with his works. "Take Five" absolutely floored me! Did anyone else from the audiogon community happen to check out the show? I am curious what you thought of it, if you did.
There is an article in our local paper today that mentions that show. I would have loved to have been there! Dave is 88
now and it had to be special.

I saw Brubeck and Ramsey Lewis last year in Eugene, Oregon and both were incredible. Brubeck moves pretty slowly to the piano bench now, but once he sits down it sounds just like the old days. He hasn't lost a thing.

I saw him last year at the Detroit Jazz Fest and there is something so right about his music - a fundamental quality that has endured all these years.

I would see him again in a heartbeat.
David you are so right, I saw him a few years ago...his feet move pretty slow now but his hands seem ageless.