DCM Time Window 1 questions

I am considering purchasing a pair of DCM Time Window 1 speakers (circa 1980), and I am wondering:

-what would be a reasonable price for a pair in excellent condition?

-what would be the absolute minimum amplifier watts per channel to get good sound from them?

-how would these compare in audio quality to a set of well-made but inexpensive speakers with current technology?

Thanks for any input-
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I have a very early pair of Time Windows. The value will depend on the condition of the drivers - they are a pain to get the cloth off and back on. You should be able to buy a perfect pair for $200-$300. I'm currently running them with 100wpc...but have used as little as 40wpc. I wouldn't worry too much about power, but anything less than 30wpc won't allow them to sing.
I owned a pair purchased in 1980 for $660. They had a slightly colored midrange that could be improved by raising them on 9 inch stands. One manufacturer sold wrought iron stands that were formed to fit the uniquely shaped base of the speaker.

They used modified Philips tweeters and received a good review in The $ensible Sound as being smooth with good imaging.

I would think good inexpensive speakers today would sound brighter in the treble, but the TW's would still sound enjoyable.
I agree with Viridian, when I had mine I found them very smooth and likeable, but they just simply are not worth alot of money.