DCM Time Window 1 questions

I am considering purchasing a pair of DCM Time Window 1 speakers (circa 1980), and I am wondering:

-what would be a reasonable price for a pair in excellent condition?

-what would be the absolute minimum amplifier watts per channel to get good sound from them?

-how would these compare in audio quality to a set of well-made but inexpensive speakers with current technology?

Thanks for any input-
Probably $1000.00 or less. 30 wpc would be my absolute minimum, 80 would be ideal minimum and SS amps at this power rating typically only use one output device for better sound. Lots of choices in the used market, depends on what your priorities are. Consider a pair of Quad 57s for a bargain no-brainer.
Significantly less than $1000. They cost less than that new.
I owned them when they were all the rage in the 70s.
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I have a very early pair of Time Windows. The value will depend on the condition of the drivers - they are a pain to get the cloth off and back on. You should be able to buy a perfect pair for $200-$300. I'm currently running them with 100wpc...but have used as little as 40wpc. I wouldn't worry too much about power, but anything less than 30wpc won't allow them to sing.
I owned a pair purchased in 1980 for $660. They had a slightly colored midrange that could be improved by raising them on 9 inch stands. One manufacturer sold wrought iron stands that were formed to fit the uniquely shaped base of the speaker.

They used modified Philips tweeters and received a good review in The $ensible Sound as being smooth with good imaging.

I would think good inexpensive speakers today would sound brighter in the treble, but the TW's would still sound enjoyable.
I agree with Viridian, when I had mine I found them very smooth and likeable, but they just simply are not worth alot of money.
This is an old thread! I am now using my third pair of TWs. I had two pairs in the late '70s- early '80s. The present pair (52779, 52780) cost $219 + shipping. They sold for $1200 new. I am using a BEL 1001 amp with them. 50wpc Class A. The TWs arrived in like-new condition! Sound quality of this amp/speaker combination is competitive with gear costing five figures! The TWs still remain a top-rung speaker!
I would pass there time has come and gone plus the woofers are probably shot.
All the TW 1A's had woofers with rubber surrounds. No deterioration! And the TW's frequency and phase measurements are comparable to the Quad 57's! Few dynamic speakers have this level of neutrality! Steve Eberbach (the designer) got it right! A classic design that still beats most of today's overpriced offerings!
I own two pairs of Quad 57's and I find the TW's to be equally satisfying for daily listening! 
Add the BEL 1001 amp ($3K + in the early '80s) and the combination has that "rightness" that makes extended listening so enticing!